[accordion_father type=”collapsible”][accordion_son title=”What kind of creatures?”]We are the largest exotic pet resource in New England. We have a 12,000 gallon aquarium showroom stocked with fresh and saltwater fish, a bird room where all of our birds are hand-fed and socialized, a small animal department filled with unusual furry friends and, of course, a huge selection of healthy, captive bred reptiles.

We also have lots of friendly free range critters you can hand feed; a turkey, peacocks, and chickens roaming around outside all day, our pond fish always appreciate a treat and our friendly goats are always jonesing for you to hand feed them!

Every weekend we offer hands on guided tours of the NERD reptile breeding facility. A once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with amazing animals you wont see anywhere else. Saturdays and Sundays at 4. Only $8 per person, kids 3 and under are free![/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”When can you visit?”]Store Hours are 10am- 8pm Monday- Saturday, 10am- 6pm Sundays

Guided tours of NERD every Saturday & Sunday at 4pm

Private tours at other times by appointment only. Contact us for more information.

NERD is open by appointment only.[/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”What can you do?”]We pride ourselves on being the largest exotic pet resource in New England! When you visit us you will not only have the opportunity to take a new pet home with you but you will have the chance to interact with and learn about amazing animals you wont see anywhere else!

Stop by during regular business hours to explore our great selection of pets and supplies or come for one of our guided, hands on tours of NERD every Saturday and Sunday at 4 pm![/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”Buying animals”]We are thrilled to share our knowledge and love for animals with you!

It is our mission to match the right pets to the right people. We can help you select a pet to match your lifestyle and skill level to ensure a rewarding experience for both you and the animal.

To purchase an animal from us you must be 18 years old.

You are responsible for checking you local state and city laws regarding the ownership of the specific species you are interested in.[/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”Animal care”]We pride ourselves on being the go-to source for outstanding care advice for all kinds of pets. With over 25 years of experience working with a vast array of exotic animals, we can teach you how to do it right![/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”Return Policy”]Live Animal Return Policy


Fish – 7 Days. You must have the fish body, a separate water sample, and dated receipt. Water sample must test within acceptable ranges for ammonia, pH, and nitrite.

Sorry, no guarantee on any saltwater species or delicate species, such as angelfish – If you are unsure please ask!

Reptiles – 7 Days. You must have the animal and dated receipt. Animal must have been setup and maintained properly.

Sorry, no guarantee on chameleons and other particularly delicate species – If you are unsure please ask!

Small Animals – 7 Days. You must bring in the animal and dated receipt. Animal must have been setup and maintained properly.

All small animals are guaranteed unless otherwise stated.

Birds – 7 Days. Must bring in the animal and dated receipt. Animal must have been setup and maintained properly.

Sorry, no guarantee on baby birds still being hand-fed.

Cats & Dogs – 14 Days. Please refer to Kitten/Puppy Sales policy you receive upon purchase, or request one from an employee.


All Livestock Sales are Final! Health Replacements Only!

Due to the delicate nature of live animals, we can offer no guarantee for animals that are not properly setup and maintained, and we reserve the right to make that determination.

No guarantee on gender, we are human and can make mistakes!

No guarantee on “rescue” or “special needs” animals.

No Cash Refunds; Replacements or Store Credit Only.

Animals May Not Be Returned for Any Reason Other Than Health.

In the event that your new animal gets sick, you need to contact us immediately, so we can work together to resolve the issue.


Dry Goods Return Policy

Merchandise returns are accepted within 14 days of original purchase if it is in the original, undamaged packaging and unused with a dated receipt. If you do not have the receipt a store credit will be issued.

No Returns/Exchanges on Light bulbs. We will gladly test any bulb for you before it leaves the store!

No Returns/Exchanges on Discounted/Used Items, or anything sold “As Is”.

No Returns/Exchanges on Special Orders.

No Returns/Exchanges on Any Food/Perishables.

No Returns on Aquarium Equipment Water Has Run Through.

No Returns on Open/Used Items.

Defective Merchandise will be Exchanged Only.

Live Animal Deposit Policy

All Livestock Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!

Minimum 50% Non-Refundable Deposit to Hold an Animal for 7 Days.

Animals over $200 can be held for 30 days with a 25% deposit

Please be sure that you definitely want the animal before putting a deposit down.

If you want to transfer the deposit to another animal it is be subject to a 25% restocking fee and management approval.

Deposits unclaimed after 14 days from the agreed upon pick up date will be forfeited, animal will be placed up for sale and no refund or credit will be given!


Dry Goods Deposit Policy

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!

We Can Not Accept Deposits on Merchandise with a Value Less Than $100.

50% Non-Refundable Deposit to Hold an Item for 7 Days.

Merchandise worth over $200 can be held for 30 days with a 25% deposit

Deposits Unclaimed After 14 Days will be Forfeited and NO REFUND will be Given![/accordion_son][/accordion_father]


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